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    I LOVE this fabric!!! With only 1 metre of fabric you can get 3 looks!!! The versatility of having both silver and black gives you twice the fun of creating unlimited options with this Twist It Wrap style.


    You will need:


    * The measurements I’ve used are based on MY back (from shoulder to shoulder) plus 2cm added total for seam allowance i.e. – shoulder to shoulder = 56.5cm + 2cm seam allowance =58.5cm

    * For the FRONT measurement it totally depends how much of a “drape” you want and. Also depending on the type of fabric you use, you can make this piece to be on a fold or a total of 100cmx70cm. I wanted the twist effect to show the versatility of the reversible black & metallic fabric.

    * The length measurement of 70cm is because I’m SHORT :) with a 1 metre piece of this fabric you can make it up to 1metre in length :)


    • Cut ONE back
    • Cut TWO fronts (or one front on fold)

    * I wanted to use the black brushed texture on the sides of the fabric to mix it up a bit with the silver. I Cut the 2 fronts with ¼ of the pattern on the black & ¾ on the silver 

    • Sew 2 fronts together at 1cm seam allowance & overlock this seam. I sewed the 2 fronts rights to wrong side so when I twist this piece the silver is at both side seams. I also sewed this seam down flat on the black side so the seam wont be quite as visable when it twists


    • Twist the front piece once then pin right sides together with back. Sew at 1cm seam allowance then overlock.

    • For the hem I overlocked the entire top, bottom and twist pieces the double folded the hem to hide the overlocking
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