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    If you’re a beginner sewer or better yet, if you’re teaching a beginner sewer this is the perfect project for you.  Super cute, no-fail polar fleece monster pillows, so easy even the Backstreet Bargains team can make them!

    You will need:

    ½ metre of polar fleece (this makes a nice big pillow)

    Matching thread

    Scraps of polar fleece or felt for eyes, mouth & tongues

    Stuffing – we used cheap cushion inners from Kmart


    Paper and a pen

    Tailors chalk or a felt-tip


    • On a piece of paper draw the general shape of your monster – anything goes. 
    • Fold your polar fleece in half with selvedge together (the fluffy right side on the inside). 


    As you can tell both Sheryl and Rach were super excited about learning to sew..... Lesson of the day, if we can do it ANYONE can!! 

    • Using a felt or if you’re flash some tailors chalk draw your shape directly onto the polar fleece and then cut it out. 

    Monsters come in every shape possible so be creative and if it doesn’t exactly match your paper that’s fine.


    • Cut out eyes & any other facial features you want to add, the sillier the better.
    • Pin and sew pupils or eyelashes on to eye-balls, teeth & tongues on to mouths, etc


    •  Pin them in place on the right (fluffy) side on one of the monster body pieces. 

    You can either hand sew them, use fabric glue or use a sewing machine to carefully sew the features on to the front of your monster.


    Next you need to decide if you want to have an edge around your monster (like the pink & lime) or a smooth seam (like the turquoise).

    For the seamed edge:

    • With right sides out & facial features sewn on pin and sew around your monster leaving a hand sized hole to add stuffing. 
    • Once finished add stuffing, remembering to pack out the corners.


    As you can tell Rach has very nearly perfected her cat-bum face but is totally super excited about using a sewing machine!  Promise!

    For the smooth edge:

    • With right sides together (& facial features sewn-on), pin and sew a narrow hem leaving a hand sized hole to add stuffing.
    • Turn the right sides out & then stuff.


    • Once your pillow is stuffed hand stitch (using either a basic in/out stitch or back-stitch) the opening closed.

    Give your monster a name and a cuddle – then use your scraps to make some mini monsters!

    Disclaimer: Our Rach is a very capable & confident woman....unless she is emotionally blackmailed into taking part of a sewing project!  You see while our gorgeous fabrics frequently cause her to fall to the floor in a puddle of joy, the thought of her sewing skills being out in the inter-verse causes her the threat of less lovely puddles.  So Rach we salute you and your sewing skills - Gold Stars All Round! Huzzah!

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