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    This awesome Christmas craft is super easy and super fast. 

    You Will Need:

    Felt in a variety of colours (we used: 1 metre of forest felt, ½ metre chocolate, approximately  ½ metre of yellow, pink, red, royal, white, purple & aqua)

    Bondaweb we used approximately 1 metre

    An iron and a damp clean cloth

    Fabric glue (optional)

    Embellishments (optional)

    Sticky Velcro dots

    To make this even easier we also used:

    Rotary Cutter

    Self-healing craft cutting board

    Frosted Acrylic craft cutting board - 6 x 24 inches


    Print out the templates below in what- ever size you choose (Right click on the image & use the save Image as option)



    Using the rotary cutter cut out your tree (we used 1 metre forest green felt) and trunk (we used ½ metre of chocolate brown felt)


    Cut a rectangle of Bondaweb (make is the same width as your trunk and about 1/3 of the trunk length). 

    Following the bondaweb instructions fuse the trunk to your tree

    1. Trace the shape on the paper side of Bondaweb.  Cut out roughly.
    2. Place Bondaweb with the rough side on the wrong side of the felt.  Iron dry for 5 seconds.
    3. Cut out the shape precisely, remove the paper backing.
    4. Place with the coated side down on the fabric, with a damp cloth iron each area for about 10 seconds till fused.


    Fold the remaining trunk in half

    Sew (or use Bondaweb) up the two sides to create a wee pocket for your decorations.


    Using the templates cut the following out of felt:

    1 x Star

    24 x Decorations ( we used: 4 x candy canes, 4x stockings, 4x presents, 4 x bells, 4x round ornament & 4 x tear-drop ornament.

    Don’t tidy away your scraps just yet; use them to decorate your shapes, adding extra embellishments like glitter, buttons and ribbon.  You can either use the Bondaweb to fuse the fabrics together or fabric glue.

    Once you’re happy with your decorations pop the hook side of a sticky Velcro dot on the back and you’re good to go. 

    This craft is wonderful because your littlies can decorate and redecorate their tree to their hearts content and then you can roll it up ready for next Christmas.  Best of all no sad, stressed mama guilt when you realise that you’ve had a "Festive-Season-Fiasco" & scoffed all the kiddies’ advent chocolates! 


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