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    Super cute, and super quick is project is perfect for using up small amounts of left-over woven fabrics.

    You Will Need:

    20cm of Woven Outer Fabric (we used our Dusky Pink Sand-washed Linen BSB08425)

    20 cm of Woven Lining Fabric (we used our Snap-Dragons Print on Mottled Cotton BSB8562)

    Matching Thread

    Approximately 50cm of biased binding (available in-store) or ribbon

    Our Bonnet Pattern Pieces (sized for A4 printing for a 6-month-old baby - Enlarge for older children).  Right Click and Save to Print


    Step 1:

    Cut out a full set of pieces from both your outer & lining fabric:  2 x bonnet side panels, 1 x bonnet centre panel, 2 x ears.  

    Step Two:

    With right sides together of an outer & a lining piece, pin & sew around the sides of the ear. 

    Turn the ear right-side out.  Carefully over-sew around the edge of the ears & press (unless like me your iron decides now is a good time not to work!). 


    Step Three:

    Pin and Sew the two “lining” bonnet sides to the centre panel.  The narrower part of the centre panel should be at the bottom of the bonnet.

    Step Four:

    With the ears hanging on the inside of the “outer fabric”, pin and sew the bonnet side to the centre panel.  The narrower part of the centre panel should be and the bottom of the bonnet.


    Step Five:  

    With right sides together pin and sew the lining & outer fabric leaving a small gap at the bottom.  Pull the Bonnet right side out through gap & over-sew the edges.


    Step Six:

    Pin & baste your bias binding/ribbon & then sew.


    Step Seven:

    Put the finished bonnet on the baby and enjoy approximately 30 seconds of extreme cuteness before the super cute Bunnified Baby starts to cry!



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